development of distributed computing

Created in 2006, the Open Grid Forum (OGF) is a community of users , developers and manufacturers that promotes the development of distributed computing , especially in the field of grid computing and cloud computing . Distributed Computing stands for the development of innovative , scalable application programs and the associated infrastructure , which has a direct effect on the productivity of the company .

The OGF is a development organization that was founded by the fusion of the Global Grid Forum and the Enterprise Grid Alliance . The OGF developes standards for grid computing and cloud computing, such as the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA), Open Grid Services Infrastructure (OGSI , the Job Submission Description Language (JSDL) or the Simple API for Grid Applications (SAGA) .

The OGF has two principal functions which focuses on standardization for distributed computing and the development of individual communities within the overall grid community .

These functional areas are divided into three groups with specific tasks : several working groups, each with a tightly defined role, dealing with the preparation of standards. Research Groups that generate the development of use cases and community groups, which are restricted to the community function area.